Introduction to Memory Systems
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Benefits of a Better Memory
Do you have a specific objective or a certain aspect of your memory that you wish to improve? You can certainly do that and there are many memory improvement techniques in the following chapters to assist you. The reality is that once you start down the path of memory training you will begin to see benefits in all areas of your life. It is one of the most rewarding self-improvement exercises you can undertake.

Relax for a moment and imagine a world where your memory is sharp and clear. A world that is devoid of frustrating and embarrassing moments resulting from an inefficient memory.

No longer do you look at a person, recognizing the face but agonizing and panicking over not being able to recall their name. It is there, crystal clear in your mind.

“I forgot” are words that have little meaning to you because you never utter them. They have been forgotten.

Your best friend’s birthday card was sent exactly on time and you are never late paying a bill. Being organized is so natural and easy.

You know exactly where you placed your car keys and glasses and why wouldn’t you because you always remember where you put things.

Never again do you enter a room or go outside to retrieve something only to stand in bewildered silence as the nature of your quest is hidden from your mind. You always remember what you are planning to do.

The phone number you were just given is at your immediate recall. Should you choose you will commit it to permanent memory where it can join your other important phone numbers, credit card numbers, PIN numbers, personal, web, and email addresses, dates, and so forth.

Did you take your medication this morning? Of course you did. You remember to take it every morning and you instantly know the answer should the question arise. Wondering about whether you locked the doors or turned off the oven is a thing of the past. You simply know.

You left the grocery list you prepared this morning at home on the table. You always leave it there because you remember each and every item on the list. In fact you sometimes wonder why you bother to write it down at all. A quaint habit perhaps. To-do lists are also a thing of the past.

Details from today’s newspaper are vivid and fresh in your mind. But so too are details from last week’s papers, the magazines you’ve read, and the books you are studying. In fact studying was never so easy and your performance on tests and examinations is truly impressive. Others are becoming jealous.

At social occasions you can instantly warm the crowd and entertain friends with your joke telling skills. Never a sequence is missed or a punch line delivered off cue. Any new material is committed to memory at will. Your story telling skills are often in demand.

Once, the thought of public speaking caused you intense bouts of panic and dread. Now you wonder why as you deliver public talks, presentations, and speeches as effortlessly as you would talk to a close friend.

You are not sure just what to do with the pay raise you received at work. Everyone including the boss has noticed your new level of confidence and increased performance. It is nice to be recognized.

Mostly you feel relaxed, your mind is free and uncluttered. You notice that you are more creative and can concentrate at a level you never thought possible. Music, painting, sports, all the things you have wanted to explore now seem within reach. Life is good.

In short, there are few areas of human endeavour where a better memory will not be of benefit. You decide how far you want to go. There are no limits.
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