Key Areas For Memory Improvement
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Remembering Where You Put Things
“I have to put this somewhere where I won’t forget it…”.

In the section on External Aids and Other Memory Tips we suggested using a ‘Memory Spot’. To repeat, a Memory Spot is a specific location where you always place things like cars keys, glasses, wallets and purses, etc. which will prevent many frustrating searches. This is one of the best ways to remember where you put common, everyday items.

The other useful memory tool for remembering where you put things is your old friend, Association. When you set something down, put it away for later reference, etc. take a moment and form a vivid association between the item and its location. By now you should be thoroughly versed in association, encoding, and elaboration but if not go back and study those sections. For example:
  • When you toss your car keys on the bureau visualize giant keys wearing socks from the sock drawer or some other ludicrous image.

  • When you place the dry cleaning receipt on top of the refrigerator imagine your dry cleaned clothes hanging from the refrigerator door.
It only takes a few seconds to form these associations but they will instantly trigger your recall of the item’s location.

As previously mentioned one of the best way to remember where you put things is to be organized.
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