Key Areas For Memory Improvement
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Remembering Things To Do
You could simply write down your list of daily to-do’s and there would be nothing wrong with that as long as the list is always in your possession.

Another simple way to maintain a list of things to do is by creating a specific application of the Link System you have already learned about. Call it a To-Do Link or whatever you choose.

Start by forming a clear association with something that is a consistent part of your daily routine. It might be the alarm clock, brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, having a cup of coffee, etc. It doesn’t matter so long as it is a consistent action that can act as the starting trigger for your To-Do Link.

As you add things to your link you associate them to the previous key word just as you do when forming any memory link. As your day progresses you mentally review the link and note those items that are completed and those that are yet to be done. You add new to-do’s by associating them to the last item in the link. At the end of the day or at a specific time you re-build the To-Do Link by keeping any items that did not get done, discarding completed tasks, and adding any new ones. The next day the process begins anew.

This illustrates the advantages of the Link System and your ability to create Links for specific applications.
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