Key Areas For Memory Improvement
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Remembering Lists
Remembering lists is one of the most popular applications of the memory techniques you have been studying. You have a variety of choices depending on the number of items in the list and your personal preference. As a review you can use any of the following systems to help you remember a list:
  • LOCI - The Roman Room and The Familiar Path are best suited for short lists of approximately 10 items.

  • Link System - This technique provides you with a method for remembering lists of items by forming associations between the items in the list. Associations are formed and strengthened using encoding and elaboration. The number of items is limited only by your proficiency with the system.

  • Rhyming Pegs - This style of the Peg system uses rhyming words for the numbers from 1 - 20. The number can be higher but difficulties arise with finding suitable rhyming words. Once again Association is used to relate the items in the list to the Peg Words. The advantage with the Peg System is that you are able to recall the numerical position of each item in the list.

  • Phonetic Pegs - This powerful system allows you to remember large lists of items and their position within the list. It is based on the phonetic alphabet which relates 10 consonant sounds to the basic digits 0-9 of our numerical system. Once the Phonetic Peg Words are committed to memory the items to be remembered are once again related to the peg words by way of association.
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