Introduction to Memory Systems
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Remembering How to Remember
You have now learned everything you need to know in order to start improving your memory abilities. To help you remember the important mnemonic concepts and techniques you can use the very techniques you have studied. The key points to recall are:
  • Association
  • Elaboration
    - Substitution, Pleasant, Action, Comedy, Exaggeration
  • Roman Room
  • Familiar Path
  • Link System
  • Peg System
  • Poems, Acronyms, Rhymes, and Acrostics
To graduate from the Memory Institute you will need to join an Association. That association is located in an Elaborate building in outer SPACE. The launch centre is located in a Roman Room and you get there by taking a Familiar Path. The path is usually blocked by a Chain Link fence so you must use a giant Peg to break the lock. You arrive at the launch centre but before you can board the space craft you have to put on a PARAchute.

Where Elaborate triggers Elaboration. The acronym SPACE stands for Substitution, Pleasant, Action, Comedy, Exaggeration. The word PARAchute is a trigger for Poems, Acronyms, Rhymes, and Acrostics.

Congratulations, you are now ready for blast-off into Part ll where you will apply what you have learned to real world memory challenges.
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