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Link for the 100 Phonetic Peg Words
Linking 100 words is no small feat because you must weave a semblance of a story and create vivid associations between so many unrelated words. The best approach for memorizing such a link is to chunk it into more manageable blocks, learn each block, and then join the links back together when you have mastered each block. The blocks can be a fixed number of words or a natural break in the link, whichever you find easiest to work with.

Here is an example of a link for the 100 phonetic peg words:

You are going to Sew together a long list of 100 Peg Words. But before you do you have to sew a Toe unto poor old Noah. Noah lost his toe when he had to Mow a field of Rye. He decided to make a Law that when you mow rye you must wear a Shoe. He lost his shoe when he kicked the Cow for eating the Ivy. The ivy was meant for the Bees. The bees are playing with giant Dice. Instead of dots on the dice there were pictures of a Toad. The toad had a very red Tan that looked like blood. It was being placed in a Tomb because it had been run over by a Tire. The tire had swerved to miss a Doll that was sitting in a Dish. The dish belonged to a Dog who was being chased by a Dove. The dove was trying to bite the dog but it couldn’t because it had Tape on its Nose. Finally the dove was caught in a Net that belonged to a Nun. The Nun was helped by a Gnome that had a striking resemblance to Nero. The gnome that looked like Nero was trying to Kneel to get under a Notch in the tree but got his Neck caught. He was about to get out his Knife to cut his way clear when he saw a Knob. He turned the knob and a tiny door opened. Out of the door came a Mouse dressed in a Maid outfit. The mouse was holding a long handled brush that it was using to clean the Moon. As the brush was cleaning the moon it made shadows that looked like a Mummy standing with one leg on a Mare and one leg on a Mule. The mare and the mule were a perfect Match. A good match because they were covered in so much Muck from the moon they could have been in a Movie. A movie about a Map that showed the location of a Golden Rose and a Rat who was trying to steal the rose. The rat waited in the Rain just outside the city of Rome for a signal. The signal was a Roar. The roar came from the top of the city wall which had a very ornate Rail. There was a lion on the wall that had a very bad Rash which made him look like he had a pointy Rock for a nose. The end of the pointy rock rested on a Roof and from the roof there was a Rope leading down to the ground. The rope was made of Lace. You could tell it was lace because Light was shining through it from the streetlight down the Lane. Coming up the lane was a Lamb and it was heading straight for the lion’s Lair. The lair had a Lily growing by the entrance and it looked like a Lodge. The lodge was made of a Log with a Loaf of bread for insulation. The loaf was made in a Lab where they were also making Cheese. The cheese was in the Shade and protected by a big Chain. The chain was attached to a bottle of Jam that was in a black and white striped Jar. Stripes like on an old prisoner’s uniform in Jail. A Judge was visiting the jail and making notes with a big piece of Chalk. The chalk was covered in whiskers so the judge had to Shave it. To shave it he borrowed a razor from the Captain of a Ship carrying Geese. The geese were guarded by a Cat and the cat was paid a silver Coin. The cat used the coin to buy a Comb with wheels. The wheels were just like on a Car and the car was all black like a piece of Coal. The coal was being used to heat a Cage and in the cage was a birthday Cake. There were candles on the cake that helped illuminate the inside of the cage which looked like a Cave. The cave was dark because a huge Cap was covering the entrance. The cap was Fuzzy and belonged to a very Fat man. The fat man was using the Phone and out of the phone was pouring a stream of Foam. The foam was putting out a Fire in the phone booth. The man was upset because the fire was heating a piece of Foil and wrapped in the foil were several big Fish for his lunch. The fish were Fake and the fake fish were marching away to the sound of a Fife because they had a Phobia of fire. To escape their phobia the fish got on a Bus. The bus driver was a giant Bat. The bat was chewing on a Bone and the bone looked like a Bomb with a fuse burning on one end. The bomb was about to explode when a Bear got on the bus. The bear had a Pail of water which he tossed on the bomb and extinguished the fuse. He had the pail on the Beach where he was reading a Book. The book was about how to prepare a Buffet. The buffet was full of messy food so the bear wore a Bib. On the bib were some Daisies. Daisies were the bear’s favorite flower!

If you have selected an alternate group of 100 phonetic peg words take time to create a link. It is a challenging exercise and will help to develop your linking skills.
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