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Glossary of Memory Terms
Note: Definitions are based on a terms usage as it relates to the field of memory study.

Difficult to understand and expressing qualities that are not defined by an instance or an object (teacher is concrete; teaching is abstract).

A word formed from the initial letter or letters of a series of words or compound term. Laser is an acronym for l(ight) a(mplification by) s(timulated) e(mission of) r(adiation).

A phrase where the first letter of every word in a phrase is used to remember another word.

A feeling, memory, or thought connected with a person, place, or thing.

Knowledge acquired through an understanding of the meaning or nature of something.

The act or process of applying focused, undivided attention upon one thing.

To express with additional details. When forming associations to aid memory this can include the elaboration techniques of substitution, comedy, action, pleasant, and exaggeration.

To transfer from one system into another as in transferring information into memory.

Familiar Path
A mnemonic memory technique where locations along a path are used as points when forming associations.

Keyword Mnemonic
Using substitute word(s) that remind you of or sound like the item to be remembered. Usually used with abstract words.

Link System
A memory technique that associates items to be remembered to each other forming a ‘link’ or ‘chain’.

Localities or places.

Long Term Memory
Relatively permanent storage of memories with unlimited capacity.

The process or faculty for retaining and recalling what has been learned or experienced.

Memory Trigger
Any stimuli that promotes or facilitates the recall of memory such as sensory or contextual information.

A system for improving the memory attributed to the early Greeks.

Peg System
A memory technique that uses visual imagery to provide a ‘hook’ or ‘peg’ from which to hang (associate) memories.

The sounds associated with speech.

The condition of being first.

The condition of occurring before the present (recent).

The act or process of recalling information from memory.

Roman Room
A mnemonic memory technique where locations within a room are used as points when forming associations.

Sensory Memory
An automatic memory process for quickly forming perceptions.

Short Term Memory
Memory storage capacity that lasts on average between 20 to 30 seconds and has a capacity of between 5 to 9 items.

To translate. In terms of the phonetic alphabet consonant sounds are translated into numbers and numbers into consonant sounds.

The forming of mental images.
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